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Default Where to buy a saito 100 cheap

I was told that most saito dealers must advertise retail prices or risk loosing the line. Where can I buy a saito 100 cheap? I called chief aircraft but they quoted me retail prices. anyone know who is selling for less than retail? 270 seems a little steep and I am always looking for a great deal.

Anyone know where to buy the ys 110 cheap as well? I know they are heavy and more complicated but I guess you can move the tank foreword and backward and try to adjust for it. $363 at tower hobbies, I DOT think I really wanna pay that.

I am going to put this on a vectorflight 66 !QUOT! extra, I am not sure if I am going to use the saito 100 4 stroke or a 91 2-stroke, or maybe the ys 110. I do like speed, but I do not care about how it sounds (my friends care about the sound and I see their point, but it does not really matter to me).

It is not my intention to start a !QUOT!this engine is better than that engine!QUOT! flame war, I did read the previous posts and I think I have the advantages and disadvantages of each - weight, reliability, cost, fuel pump, !QUOT!turbo charged!QUOT!, power, sound, speed break, torque, maintenance, etc. just wondering where I can buy these engines fairly CHEAP.

i think I would go with the ys if the price of the ys was close to the saito, that is if I cannot find a saito less than retail. Someone posted that they bought the saito on ebay for 220 but I can't find it there. Please any help would be appreciated. My plane will be here in about 1.5 weeks. thanks!!!

PS if anyone has this plane and would like to chime in about what they are using for power and where they got their engine, that would be great. I guess I also need a muffler as well... hummm. smoke or no smoke and what is the price and where should I get that?