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Default RE: YS Engine Or ....?

get the ys. if you can afford it (i believe in saving up and buying the best i possibly can) get the 110. it's a little more pricey, but i am absolutely in love with that engine. was about as broken in on the 2nd tank of fuel as it is now, has the best inverted idle. it just sat there and ticked all day like a harley. it was well worth the extra money paid. the os engines are good and reliable, bu their inverted idle doesn't compare and their power to weight ratio looks like a mistake compared to ys. the best part is that the ys engines are even more reliable i think and for their thrust, fuel consumption is very low. they are absolutely works of art. however, read through all reviews of ys engines and read their manual many times through. because of the pressurized fuel injection system and the turbocharging effect they have employed, tuning them is certain doom if you treat them like any other 4 stroke engine. just because you have tuned every other four stroke in the world doesn't mean you can tune this. they aren't really difficult to tune, but you have to tune them much differently than you are used to.