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Thanks 4 your interest. The Seamaster 120 I believe would lends itself to foam easier than the other two planes, so I would tackle that one first. I have the plane, plans and hardware like front wheel ass., landing wheels & axle that could be copied for the kit's if you choose to fly off the ground. If not no big deal. Mine has an ST 3000 but now you have more choices than in previous years when the kit's originally came out. There are still fiberglass componies around that make the glass nose & motor pod's.
Waiting to hear from a couple diff. foam cutters as to what info they need to start cutting. Also there was some talk about the Seamaster 120 having some recommended changes made, I need to find out what the changes were to make it handle a little better. If anyone has this info please fill me in.
As far as price and time per kit, this will depend on the cutter. I could only take a wild guess and I hate to do that at this time. I would think that it would have to be comparable to what a foam plane of comparable size would be. Right now just trying to get a feel of how much interest there is. You, 3 friends and I (5 planes) is a good start, enough to get excited about anyway. The secret to a fun build and a great flying 120 would be how good the foam cutter is. All else falls into place relatively easily. When I hear more I will fill you in. Thanks, Lon