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Default RE: CANCUN Mexico ..Can I fly there????

We have a 150x10 m paved RC runway here in La Paz. The freqs used are the same as in US.
My wife brought RC TX from states on commerical flight last Feb. Personally, I would not fly on a swimming beach in a tourist area. Why invite problems. You do not speak the language, you have a problem and shout a warning that nobody understands. The policia arrives and maybe you lose your model and radio. Maybe you end up in jail.
Enjoy your visit and fly in a safe designated location.
Enjoy the local sights and don't forget the sun block!

Want some interesting reading do a Google search : Dawn Wilson TIJUANA, Mexico or and read the More on This Story forward tab.

Yep, the above may not qualify as RC, but it is an eye-opener on what can happen to an average citizen in a foreign country. I want him to enjoy his visit.