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Default RE: Remote Glow System or not?

If there is a weight issue you might want to install the harness that allows you to attach the glow starter remotly.
I have a pheonix Sukhoi with a ys .63 mounted inverted. I purchased an onboard glow driver from Dymond models and I am very pleased with it. The odd thing is once the motor was dialed in I only use the glow driver for starting. The YS has an awesome 1700 rpm idle. It did take a bit of work to get the idle set well.
Its not stopping me from installing another onboard unit on a waco bipe and a ENYA 91 fs. I had a number of very bad experiences with a certain ASP 61 fs so all my FS motors will get the onboard system.
You are looking at an extra 2 oz ( at least, depending on what type of cells are used when building the pack) or so in battery weight plus the little electronic gizmo that activates it and a harness.
OH! You need a charger for the battery, An added expense. Its not necessarily a cheap setup but how reliable is your motor, and what does a new plane cost?
The Waco needs extra weight in the schnoz so I opted for 2 sub C cells... 4.2 oz, it should run (constantly if i desire) for an hour.
the smaller pack on the sukhoi was charged 2 monthe ago and still starts the plane.

anyway thats my limited experience with these units. I do recommend at least relocating the glow plug attachment point, It will make your life easier. Dymond has options for that as well.

I hated having an engine quit on the flight line and having to schlep the plane back to the bench and turn it over to start it. Believe me That gets old real fast.
As for the charger... if you get a good one ( expensive ) you will be set for electric flight ( nicads ) allready.
Not all Four stroke motors will idle reliably inverted, many will but if yours wont onboard is the way to go.