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Default RE: Looking for a good 3-D prop

Well, when it was on my pattern plane(Swallow), I was using a 14x7, and it turned to 9500. I don't wanna get quite to 10,000, just real close. That seemed to be it's sweet spot. The RPM range is listed at 2,000-12,000. But I don't wanna go quite that far. Mainly it's the spool up. It'll go vertical just fine as it is, but I want better pull out.

Today I was flying, and the engine kept leaning out in hover. This is a sudden issue, no changes were made when it started doing it. It hovers pretty well, but when you go to power out of it, it almost stalls. Now I'm looking into a pump. I was asking around, and I was told that perry makes a pump, powered by the vibration/oscilation of the motor. Heh, I'd never heard of that. I was told it worked, "Alright", but I figure I can either equip this motor with an OS mechanical pump, or, a small electric. Any suggestions?