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Default RE: Building Giant scale Question

As for transforing the lines to the balsa- go to Kinkos and photocopy the plans. Set the toner to darker settings. This will put more ink on the plans than necessary.

No go home and turn on your wifes Wal-mart iron. Place the kinkos copied plans on the balsa. Ink on the balsa. Iron right over the plans with a hot iron. The ink will steam off to the balsa for perfect outlines of parts and pieces.

Or you can get tracing paper and do it all by hand. Trace the parts and then glue the templates to your wood. Cut and sand.

If you know anyone with a CNC high pressure water jet cutter-- it may be worth a few cases of beer to have him cut them out for you. Just scan the images into the computer and place your wood on the table. Turn on the water and blast out your pieces. I've never seen it personally- but I hear its really cool and it works like a charm.