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On some planes/engine/prop set ups you'll need more right thrust than others to fly the plane the way you want it to fly.On some larger engines with hi torque props you'll need more thrust,in the older days when the engines were spinning 18000 rpm more or less the torque factor was not there,now with low rpm engines and hi torque props the p factor is a biggy. After you have trimmed your plane then if it pulls to the left add more right thrust,one way is to add washers to the engine or motor mount to get the handling you desire. On one of my planes I have a g62 with 22x10 prop,at very low rpm on the runway the plane wants to pull right,normal speed and up its tracts perfect. On some planes I've flown,they had over 6 degrees of thrust to fly great,play with the thrust angles,thats the only way to learn.