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Default RE: Building Giant scale Question

Here is what I did, I bought all of this at Loews (sp?):

32 inch x 80 inch Hollow core door with MDF siding (not birch) 1 @ $22.00 each
Aluminum Saw Horses 4 @ 10.00 each
24 inch x 48 inch plain acoustic ceiling tile 3 @ 2.20 each - Loews cut these to size for me for $0.0
It required a total of four pieces.
4 oz Gorilla Glue 1 @ 6.99 each


Total of 81.07 including Tax.

The 4 saw horses ensure that the working surface will stay level. Just put Gorilla Glue on both the ceiling tile and door and apply a heavy weight. I put the 'pretty' side of the ceiling tile down, and I didn't bother with any 'side pieces'. Although the cuts don't look pretty from the 'tile' side - they are good from the working side - which is what counts. If you are a real neat freak, then you could cut the tiles yourself . . . . I didn't bother. Just ensure that the tiles are weighted down during drying, use all of the gorilla glue . . you'll need it . . .The tile density is perfect for pinning down parts.
Instead of wax paper or the Great Planes plans protector, I went to Walmart and for 2.00 per yard they will sell you thin clear plastic from the fabric department that is 54 inches wide. Buy enough to cover the door and you have protected your plans. This stuff is sold in various thicknesses, don't buy the thickest or the thinest . . . somewhere in the middle thicknesses will work just fine.

This is what I'm bulding my SIG Four Star 120 on . . .

Mark F. Sanderson