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Default RE: most used freq chart?

Something else to keep in mind...industry and several other users also occupy the 72 mHz band. They typically use 'even' frequencies (ie 72.560 mHz) vs. we use 'odd' frequencies (ie 72.570 mHz). They also are allowed FAR more signal strength than we are allowed so their adjacent frequencies can EASILY 'shadow' over ours if conditions are right. There used to be a free website (they charge for the service now) that would allow you to check your county/state for used frequencies...I'm not sure if they are still around...maybe someone knows a link??? Anyway, my county, Walker, is basically blank...then one South towards Houston, Montgomery county, has a few to worry about...then Harris county, where Houston is, is virtually inundated with 'other' users. So...all of your problems may not be centered on the guy next to you turning on his may be Bubba down at the 'yard' running his crane that shoots you down!