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Default RE: Single Big Engine or Two Smaller ones.

By all means , if you've got the pocketbook for the QD , then geez , get that ! But , also note , that there is NOTHING like the sounds of twins running full bore .
If speed is the deciding factor , then again the QD wins hands down . But , if you are like me ( I have an Aeromarine Systems 60 inch cat with twin Zen's ) then , the thrill of the twins is uncomparable .
Also note .... although I do not know all the rules and such for the clubs ( IMPA , NAMBA , and such ) , I am pretty sure that when runnign twins , it puts you in a totally different class than the single QD .
Seems like a "boom" all of a sudden for doing twin cats ( [8D] right after I done mine ? [8D] hummmmm )
Anyway .... me , NOT being a racer or even remotely interested in racing , I would personally go with the twin setup ( extra weight , extra monies for hardware and setup CAN be "fun" , but hey , what the heck ------ isn't this what its all about anyway ? Fun and originality ?
Either way , your pockets shuld be pretty deep .... ( both ways will cost ya heavily )