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Default RE: most used freq chart?

WHAT???? [X(]
Following the law of probability, purely random placements with a common starting point will always form a curve that looks like a bell.
In this case, the common starting point would be "3.2 users" since that is the sample size divided by the number of available "random chances", or 50 channels.

If you throw pennies into a dry well day after day, the stack at the bottom will form the shape of a bell, and not (only) because pennies are sliding off of the top of the heap... they actually land that way. If you coated each penny with CA before dropping it in, it would form the same shape. Many science museums will have a probability display which is a large, thin box full of evenly spaced pegs and a row of tubes on the bottom. A bunch of balls are dropped from the top, and as each ball hits each peg, it has a 50% chance of going right or left. If the law of probability dictated that every other time it would go left, then right, then all of the balls would be in a stack in the middle, but it's not... the odds are the same 50% each time, so you end up with a few that ALWAYS went left and a few that always went right.
It is so predictable that they have a bell shaped curve drawn on the sides of the box, and the stacks of balls always match the curve.
You really have to see it... my description isn't very good. This is close:

This is also how Vegas takes your money

Similarly, in a sample of 16,000 pilots, the highest number of channels would be in use by 320 people, with a perfectly bell-shaped curve graphing down to 0 channels with 0 users and 0 channels with 16,000 users (and yes, you would reach 0 channels long before you got to 0 or 16,000).