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Default RE: most used freq chart?

Actually, before I started advertising the unused channels, there were a couple of "zero user" freqs; they have now become occupied and in fact, the last free channel (59 as I recall) came into use just a few weeks ago. The as-discovered distribution was a nearly perfect bell curve, immediately recognizable as such. The real question (and the non-randomness I referred to) would be then... what drove 6 people to buy a radio on channel 50, while absolutely no one had purchased one on channel 59? In a situation where you have some choice, why would the guy that bought the 6th ch 50 radio, not buy one on 59? He had to have noticed that 50 was often in use. Maybe the LHS owners had some affect; maybe they have "favorite" and "poison" channels, for reasons that may or may not be valid. Maybe the radio manufacturers are actually building more radios on certain channels? Highly unlikely... that would be terribly easy to control at the manufacturing end of the chain. Maybe old wive's tales about certain channels being no good, regardless of the true situation in our club's location? (To my knowledge, no spectrum analyzers have ever been put to use there.)

I dunno... but at least we now have a handle on the distribution, meaning we can start to do something about it.

Gary L.