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Default New Wing, Flight Trimming problems!

Ok fellas,
Got a new wing on my plane from Horizon the other day. Got everything hooked up and checked out and headed to the field. Took off and I was fighting it for a good minute or so. She wanted to bank left hard. Finally got her level and after some gentle tooting around came in (froze my cahonas off). I noticed my ailerons were "mismatched". The left wing aileron was down, to counteract the left bank. But the right was relatively flush with the trailing edge. Hmm. I got to thinking. I dont think it is a warp issue. The wing is pretty straight (ARF wing). They way I look at it the right wing is providing a little more lift, due to the ailerons not being adjusted correctly. If I were to adjust the ailerons, correct me if I'm wrong, do I adjust the right one up to "kill" some of the right wing lift and not touch the left one. Then recenter on TX and fly? All input and help appreciated!
Thanks in advance!