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Default RE: most used freq chart?

ORIGINAL: dclittle

I'm not sure the bell curve for frequency selection is entirely due to the laws of probabilty. Could it be that the radio manufacturers produce & ship more radios with certain frequencies? After all, if JR/Futaba/Airtronics made approximately the same quantity of radios in each frequency then the distribution in the field should mimic this production. It is more likely that the manufacturers produce more radios in the middle frequencies because thats what consumers request.
Agreed... In an earlier post, I had (wishfully) ruled out the possibility that the manufacturers could be a part of the problem. WRONG.

I asked the JR and Futaba reps the same direct question on the subject; i.e. how are channel production numbers allotted at the manufacturing end of the chain. The answers were essentially the same; it's market driven. In the case of JR, they actually said so. Futaba refused to answer, claiming it was proprietary information. (That means of course, they're letting the market drive the numbers as well; if either firm were simply allotting 2% of the production to each 72 MHz channel, I'm sure they would have been proud to say so.) Also, neither manufacturer would provide any data on the percentages produced last year. Proprietary, of course. [X(]

Here are the threads involved:

So... The distribution is not random, and the contributing factors start at the top and run all the way down to the (typically uninformed) individual consumer. If you're in a club large enough to run into frequency usage problems, you WILL have problems; and they will most likely continue to get worse... unless the club itself does something about it.

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