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Default How tight do you have your blades? And newbie update

Hi all,
J here. Still in the learning process and doing well. I think anyway. I've been practicing the Radd method and definitely thinks it helps new fliers. But I'm sorely out growing my practice space which is an area of my basement that is about 10' x 20'. I'm working on short hovers etc. but think I'm getting some nasty rotor wash from the walls etc. And yup, even though I knew better, I got ballsy last night and ended up breaking a rotor. Not just taking a nibble out of it this time. No tape is gonna fix this one
Ya, I know, I should be out in the garage or something. But when your thermometer goes down to -30, and that's where the red stuff is sitting, you don't fly outside
Anyway, I'm getting comfortable enough with the controls now that I've started "tweaking" things just a little bit. Adjust the gain on my gyro last night...who knew how that would help! And then got to wondering about blade tightness. When I spin up all goes well till I'm at a certain amount of power, just before lift off, and my heli goes into hula-dance mode, then smooths out again. I've balanced the blades and checked the CG etc., frame itself is balanced but it still does this. I've read A LOT of posts and seen some folks that have their blades screwed down pretty tight and some that have them pretty loose. Not loose enough to fall over when the heli is tipped, but loose so that they move pretty easy. Just wondering if you guys could tell me what ya'll do and why? What have you noticed in having them one way or the other? Thanks, praying for above 0 temps,
**EDIT** btw, I forgot to mention that I'm flying a Dragonfly w/ seperates