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Default RE: How tight do you have your blades? And newbie update

ORIGINAL: bluesilver30

what i do is tighen my blades so they dont move from gravity, then turn the heli on it's side (holding it up in the air) and loosen the blade until gravity lets it fall down. same thing with the other blade.

so the blades are loose on mine, and as the rotor speed picks up they kinda flop around a bit, but once u get going they are centered. the reason i do it this way is because Centrifical Force allows the blades to be perfectly in line with eachother, and it leaves less room for error if you try to center them yourself. this way there is less chance the heli is going to wobble in the air.

and if ur blades hit something, they just slide around. they dont shatter! i havn't broken them yet, even tho i've hit a wood table leg straight on.