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Default RE: Clearcoating waterslide decals

I tried this, and it worked fairly well. I applied decals over monokote.
Made decals using inkjet printer. Used Expert choice clear inkjet decals
Coated decal sheet immediately afterward with Midwest Formula U fuel proof polyurethane varnish. Allowed Formula U to dry at least overnight.
applied decals
Painted around decals with a brush usng Midwest Formula U.

I tested several decals after this process and they appear to be fuel proof. Poured glow fuel on them and scrubbed with a paper towel, nothing came off.

The big problem is that the colors on the decals don't cover the monokote well. I suppose any decal will work OK over white. Over black monokote, almost nothing will work. I did an experiment making all sorts of colors printed onto a transparency sheet. I held this over monokote and found that there are several colors which just wont work as a decal unless you have an opaque white background.