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Default Sell New S25 + 21BB for 24.7pro? (Savage)

Hey guys, been a while but I finaly sent my old S25 in to HPI..It was a lemon, every time I ran it something would break.

Anyways I recieved a new S25, and I was wondering if it would be worth selling the (still sealed) S25 AND my used 21BB to upgrade to a 24.7 pro?

I'm not really interested in the Picco or wasp due to some of the problems with them as far as holding up to abuse.
My Savage will MOSTLY be tuned for sand so I need a good reliable engine that is very easy to tune! This is why I eliminated the picco and wasp, not because i do not liek them, just not as well suited to shoot the hill at glamis and gordons imperial sand dunes.

The truckzilla looks bad ass, I will be needing lots of torque, but I am not ready to make that kind of investment, especialy since its hotbodies

Is the XTM24.7pro really worth it the hassel of selling both my engines or shold I stick with the S25 with it's great warranty for this kind of abuse?

I'm not looking just for a comparison, but also some opinions on wether or not it is worth the hassle of sellig Both my engines to get the gained power and tuning in the 24.7?