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Default RE: FM or PCM??

Then there's the "writing on the wall".
Multiplex is the mfgr. that INTRODUCED the PCM technology for R/C radio use many, many years ago. All the other's followed.

The ONLY advantage to PCM is failsafe (and I know of no one who actually programs it at my club field even if they DO have PCM equipment. How about you.. how many of you DON'T even bother to program in failsafe if you have PCM?). Claims of greater range are anecdotal at best and usually in the range of 5 to 10%, and like, who took a tape measure to THAT one?
With either PCM or PPM, if you can see your plane, you can control it. So who cares?.

The disadvantage of PCM is that the RX can kick into failsafe repeatedly and mask a frequency glitch problem. If you see that you get hit a couple of times witn PPM, you land and figure things out. With PCM, you don't know what's going on until it's too late. Failsafe will NOT land your plane for you; it just crashes it in a pretty way.

Now fast forward many years from the time that Multiplex introduced PCM, and note that the same company, Multiplex, has developed a PPM failsafe receiver they have termed IPD. Again, Multiplex leads the industry. So now we have (Multiplex, anyway), PPM failsafe receivers if you so desire.
Then note that while the Multiplex flagship radio, the Profi 4000, is a PCM radio, it was introduced way back when PCM failsafe programming was considered "important".
But now note that their NEWEST high-end radio (the EVO) is NOT a PCM product. If PCM had a future, then the EVO would have been introduced with PCM capability since it was only brought onto the market a couple of years ago.

That's the writing on the wall. IPD has made PCM obsolete taking away the only (perceived) advantage of PCM so I've already sold off all my PCM stuff (at high prices while I could) and went straight PPM. And now, I can fly ANY manufacturer's receivers with my EVO as opposed to HAVING to match brands with PCM.

That's just my take.