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Default RE: FM or PCM??

ORIGINAL: JohnWillman

Highflight: Dude, you need to reeamine you facts, your point are totally off base and in some cases totally wrong. IPD is a slick system and I have nothing against Multiplex, but you obviously don't understand how IPD works becasue every argument you gave against PCM would apply to IPD too!
That's my point. PCM offers no significant advantage over IPD/PPM. I've yet to see any anecdotal evidence (which is the kind that shows up first when there is even a "perceived" problem of this nature) that activities at any flying site by PPM equipment is any different than activities by PCM equipment. I've owned and flown PCM, and I've owned and flown PPM (both for years) and I have never had even one instance where either technology performs less well than the other.
That's why I've dumped my PCM equipment; it just doesn't matter in the "real" world. You can play with scopes and meters all you want, but out there in the air, there is no difference.
I have nothing against PCM and it's a slick system; it's just no better than PPM.

ORIGINAL: JohnWillman
" I can fly ANY manufacturer's receivers with my EVO as opposed to HAVING to match brands with PCM. " What? You know IPD is in the RX, not the TX. I can fly any RX (assuming futaba shift) with my PCM radio too...I just reset the TX for PPM by pushing a button.
If you don't use the Multiplex IPD RX, you don't have IPD so why would you want to use another brand of RX anyway with your Evo?
Yes, I'm aware that Multiplex is the only IPD receiver at this time. My reference to mixing brands of TX's and RX's points out that PPM users simply have lot's more options because they DON'T have to stay with the same brand of TX and RX if they don't want. As far as IPD, I couldn't care less about it myself because I don't care if I crash my plane, or the radio does it; it's still junk.