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Default RE: FM or PCM??

You set Failsafe on the IPD directly on the Receiver, you do it once and then forget it unless you want to change your settings.

and by the way, you also have FMA that has introduced one of the best PPM receiver on the planet with the copilot 8. Not only failsafe, but with different sensors mounted on the airplane, you get hit and it will even turn an upsided airplane right back up and circle the field until you regain control, that is if you program it properly.

PCM is out for all practical purposes.

When the IPD starts getting hit, it gets mushy on the control and it tells you to get back while with PCM, it locks out period. So as I said PCM is out.

Also for the one that said that the Multiplex MC 4000 is PCM, false, it has the capacity to transmit in PCM but also PPM. That's what I'm using and I don't use PCM. All my Multiplex PCM receivers are gathering dust.