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Default RE: FM or PCM??

Highflight, your still making no sense. You claim that PCM offers no advantage of IPD/PPM... that I'd 99% agree with. However, PCM is indeed better than PPM. You keep making unfounded leaps in logic and keep confusing a PPM ssystem with IPD/PPM as well as implying a PCM TX can only talk to PCM Rx's... this is not true. Every PCM transmitter I've seen is backwards compatible to PPM, for that matter, a PCM transmitter would work with IPD. And it does matter in the air... I've had several planes saved because of PCM. I can't say 100% they would have died with PPM, but I'm pretty sure they would have because the problem was another TX on my freq.

Aerographics... sheesh... talk about propaganda. PCM DOES NOT JUST LOCK YOU OUT! If you really knew what you were talking about you'd know that. PCM and IPD feel almost exactly the same under intermittent quick interference. PCM drops bad frames and IPD reduces resolution... the net result is both feel mushy in flight. With PCM this happens because the good frames show up less often, causing sluggish response. With IPD, no frames are refused, but resolution is reduced as it absorbs bad frames and the result is sluggish response. If either PCM or IPD has a major hit, they both failsafe, in which case both the IDP and PCM plane are doomed. I've been hit before with PCM, it gets mushy... I flew back and landed, the plane never went into failsafe and never locked me out. PCM DOES NOT JUST LOCK YOU OUT! PCM is out? I think Multiplex makes great radio equipment, but as best I can tell, every Multiplex user totally misunderstands the basic laws of the universe.