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Default RE: FM or PCM??

TLH101 - I agree the PPM/PCM/IPD posts often turn into a circus. I remember the once last year that happened about this time of the year - I believe it was four pages long. However, the question is a legitimate one. When I first started RC, I had no clue what PCM was. What is a new pilot supposed to do? Ask RCU of course! Now I know everyone has their opwn opinion, which is great, but there is a lot of disinformation about PCM. Opinions are fine, Ilike PCM because... I dislike PCM because... That's fine. But when an experienced member intentionally spreads disinformation intended to look as fact on a serious subject someone has to say something. I'm used to having my head on the chopping block so I figured I'd stick my neck out again. Aerographix was deeply involved in the PCM-IPD thing from last year and spread the same disinformation, which is why I took a little jab at the end, all in a little fun of course. But, TLH101, the good news is, my guess is your entertainment has just begun.