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Default RE: FM or PCM??

For what it's worth, I've just ordered an FMA M5 receiver and, when it arrives, plan to do some side-by-side testing against regular FM receivers such as the Hitec 555. I would also test it against the new Hitec QPCM receiver but I don't have one :-(

I'll be testing for susceptibility and handling of impulse noise (as you'd get in a gasser), general noise (as you'd get at the edge of useful operating range) cross-mod/intermod handling (as you'd get when flying very close to another transmitter on a different frequency) and capture capability (as you'd get if someone turned on a transmitter using the same frequency while you were flying).

The testing will be conducted in a scientific manner, without prejudice and although I'm sure the results will produce much discussion and debate, I'm hoping they'll cast a little light on just how the receiver-side failsafe and noise rejection systems on the FMA receiver work in comparison with a regular FM system.

Of course if someone wants to donate a PCM transmitter/receiver I'll gladly include that in the comparison too :-)