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I just got done mentioning to AJC that it would be nice to have a way to see real world output of our tiny powerplants. The whole package needs to be considered, for example ROSSI can boast about their 1.2HP .15, but let's throw away the HP numbers and see what the little sucker can lift. You can compare props, fuel, lots of ways to get use out of this thing. The semi- friction free rails are 3/16" steel rod, and i'm using kite rod to slide over the steel rod. The cross piece is 3/4 plywood, and I rounded the leading edge to make it look more scientific. The fuel tank is on a seperate stand to isolate it from vibration, and to keep the "gondola" as balanced as possible. The tank could be mounted on center beneath the gondola maybe. I got a baseline weight, which was 5ozs, and added enough steel nuts to equal 7.4ozs on the first "pull". It hauled it easily, so I added more weight, 9ozs. It could lift it barely, but that was pretty much all it could maintain in a hover. Now I will switch props later to see what the difference is.BTW, I was running a 5-3 on 15%, don't have an rpm reading yet.
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