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WELCOME TO TODAYS' DYNO REPORT! The engine tested was the WASP .061, on 30%, compression adjusted for best rpm and needle. Ran with a stock head, and through the muffler.


5-3 COX 20000 16.2 can't go wrong, plus it's variable pitch

4.75-4 COX 20800 14.4 oink

6-3 MAS 16300 16.8 mistaken for COX in previous tests

6-4 COX 16500 16.2 outdone by MASTER AIRSCREW

5.7-3 19200 16.8 hard to beat

5.5-2 22500 16.8 better for 3D, and throttle response

7-2 WOOD 15000 12.0 good for low idle, airbrake effect

The mysterious confusion about the earlier test results was my fault. Yesterday it looked like the COX 6-3, and 6-4 props were giving identical results. The fact is I don't have a COX 6-3, it's a MASTER AIRSCREW instead[:@]. Bear with me, we'll get the story straight. I started to do a .061 diesel comparison with an old AME last night, but the THRUSTOMETER claimed its' first victim. The rod snapped in half cleanly in the middle! It was going to be a honkin' run too! Stay tuned, I'll slap a diesel head on the WASP next and get some #s.