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Default RE: DA50 first gasser questions


Just curious.....did you find an alignment problem on the vertical tail. The hole on top of the fuselage where the pin on the bottom of the fin goes into was way off. The hole itself didn't look too clean and there was also lots of slop in the fit so I just pulled the fin straight. I can't imagine it flying right if left that way.

I figured a way to use the standoffs that came with the DA50 by sandwiching another piece of ply behind the firewall. Then I drilled some 3/4" holes through the original firewall to accept the bases of the standoffs. This moved the engine back 7/16". Then I got some washers to space it out 3/16" and viola......6" from firewall to hub! By the time I cut the hole in the center for the carb I doubt I even added all that much weight. All this because I'm too cheap to buy the right standoffs

Glad to hear the plane is a nice flyer! Though nervous, I'm really looking forward to it!!