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The dots on JR receiver crystals, in simplest terms, tell you where the crystal is "tuned", based on factory test, relative to the marked frequency. I don't know about other (outside USA) distributors, but I believe that Horizon has a shipment policy for complete systems that keeps the transmitter and receiver crystals within one "dot" of each other. In other words, if the Tx crystal is left-dot, they do not ship it with a receiver that is right-dot. If the Tx crystal is center-dot, it can be shipped with any Rx crystal. etc. As I understand it, this is all simply an effort to maximize range and interference rejection.

In your case, if there are no dots on the Tx crystal, I suppose you could consider it a center-dot crystal, but that's a guess... not a statement of fact. I've personally never seen a modern JR Tx crystal without dots... where was this purchased, and how long ago?

Gary L.