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Default RE: FuntanS 40 ARF stripping 3004 servos issue


I've got about 50 flights on my Funtana with the Saito 91, using 3004s on all control surfaces. No problems yet (knock on wood), and very manueverable with good control -but :

* I'm careful with speed, I never -ever- let it get fast. Doesn't need it, defeats the purpose.
* The FuntanaS really doesn't need huge throws until you've stalled the wing, and even then if you have power on, it likely won't need all the range it's capable of. I use dual rates, one at LOW throws for higher speeds (not ever fast), and one at higher throws with a bit of expo for lower speeds.

I plan on running the 3004s on my Funtana until the RC Gods call it to come home, and I bet you can too - IF you keep the speed down, and set the throws to a reasonable amount.