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Default RE: FuntanS 40 ARF stripping 3004 servos issue

ORIGINAL: PlagueWielder

Kyle has the same servos on the ailerons and he doesnt have any problems.

One thing you could do is get 2 Hitec 475s, thats what I was going to get until I changed my mind about the Funtana.

Dont put the 3305s on the ailerons, they are an overkill even on the rudder/elevator and pretty expensive for ailerons on a 40 sized plane.
If my memory serves me, Kyle reported stripping his ailerons servos from a rough harrier landing. His was one a few different people that reported this. Granted, they are all in extreme use cases, but things like that happen (all the time).

I looked at those 475BB and they look pretty good. Carbonite gears. Maybe I'll pick up a couple.