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H. Wayne S
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Ok, this is a first for me and no one at the field can figure it out. I have a GP Pitts, 4 servos in the wings. Everything works fine until I plug in the second set of ailerons. Don't matter which set, top wing or bottom wing. When I plug in the second set, the ailerons move slower than you can imagine and twitch as they move, they also have a very hard time centering. The elev. servos move fine except they also have a hard time centering. Unplug one set, back to normal. I have used "Y"s to plug all 4 in channel one, I have tried to split them using channels 1 & 5, 1 & 6, 1 & 7, same thing happens every time. I have replaced all the servos with new ones, replaced all y's and extensions. Using two new HD switches (replaced them also) and two 2700mAH NIMH 6v. battery's, each one on a different switch one plugged into bat port and the other plugged into channel 5. both charged to 6.78+- volts. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.