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Default RE: Gas or Electric and why?????

Well, since were talking about bashing, and not racing, let me add a little information if i can. With an electric, you can buy a cheap 1500nicd for about $10. They will last a long time, and work great for bashing. You can have 4 cheap basher batteries for what you can have 2 half decent gallons of nitro. Then if you buy a good 15min charger or something, there is virtually no limit as to how long you can run. If you have 4 packs and a good charger, you can run for a while. Even though your supposed to let it sit for a minute to cool, it wouldnt take much. I have a nitro and an electric, and 1 set of electronics, and guess which one there in. The electric. I do have a crappy nitro, but i have NEVER had any luck tuning it, or running it. And to top it off, the motor will only start good if its cool, so i had to let it cool off a lot longer than i do my electric truck. I just like the ease of use of electric, and its reliability. The ONLY thing ive ever broken on my electric truck(and i do bash and jump hard) was servo gears, and the idler gear in my tranny the other day, from the power of the 16t i put in. I agree that there is just a realness to nitro, that electric will never replace, but i just have a rough time spending $20 for a gallon of nitro every time i run a few days. Its also VERY messy. Its really what ever you want. Its just rough for a 16 year old like me to justify spending so much on a nitro after fuel and everything. My electric has WAY more bottom end than my nitro ever thought about having, but my nitro had more top end power. If i were to go drop $500 on a decent monster truck, it would be a nitro xtm mammoth, but im not gonna do that right now, and i just really like how simple and easy it is to run an electric. Its really just your budget/personal prefrence, so its whatever you want, but right now im really liking my electric.