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Default RE: FuntanS 40 ARF stripping 3004 servos issue

picked up this thread to find out what obvious signs can be observed to see when a servo is on it's last legs.
I have been flying a hype with 3004's and have felt that they were very minimal for the job. they are only just three months old and have not seen that much air time and they seem to be getting slack with a little bit of wobble a full throw.
I do not fly it fast which as stated in this thread is not the point of this type of plane but if you are doing walls and blenders then surely that is going to put as much if not more load on the servo than smply flying fast.
Anyhow because of this my Funtana which is yet to fly is kitted out with S9402's perhaps a bit overkill but better safe and all that.
Incidentally, i am itching to see how the Hype performs next to the Funtana does anyone have experience of both?