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Default Is a 72 oz. torque CORELESS Servo stronger then a 99 oz torque standard servo?

Yea....sounds like a trick question doesn't it? Reminds me of that question: Is a pound and a quarter of lead heavier than a pound and a half of feathers?

Seriously though.... Could you guys tell me why I should buy a Corless Futaba 9202 servo for $55 bucks when I could get 99 ounces of torque in the regular, non coreless Futaba 3305 servo for $34.99 (The speed is the same in both) They say coreless is "stronger", but 72 ounces of torque is 72 ounces of torque, and 99 ounces of torque is 99 ounces of torque, coreless or not. Perhaps there are other very worthy attributes about the corelss servo VS the non coreless that you can advise me about.

I'm putting the 5 servos in the control surfaces of a 16 1/2 lb., 85" Big Bingo. I would hope quality of the non-coreless Futaba servos is satisfactory enough for this purpose.