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Default Where are the moderators when you need them?

Originally posted by EASYTIGER

Glad to see that you found your old college thesaurus out in the garage.
You still have said NOTHING, though.
Go ahead and actually defend your statement, rather than trying to backpedal with some obfuscatory drivel. I'm not impressed.
no. actually i was covering all the bases so that you would not be able to take my reply out of context and use it in an attempt to tell the owners and moderators how to run their forum. obviously it worked because you resorted to another approach:
ignoring the obvious in the hope that no one will notice that you were just shut down.

just remember this:

this forum is a service that is provided to you FOR FREE because the people that run it enjoy it... but with utilising that service provided to you FOR FREE comes a certain responsibility. luckily that responsibility doesnt take much effort at all. it is:

if you dont like the way its run, leave.

but please dont attempt to tell the people that OWN IT and PROVIDE IT TO YOU FOR FREE how to do so. please respect RCAdmin's wishes and let it the hell go.. because I for one enjoy passing some time here, and i would hate to see it go.

i am sorry that:
A) the world does not revolve around you
B) you do not own the world
C) you dont know what backpedaling is.

get used to it.
life sucks sometimes.