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Default Where are the moderators when you need them?

Originally posted by EASYTIGER
GelCell, when it's YOU getting flamed and harrassed, THEN it will matter, right?
Otherwise, everybody should just ignore it, right?
Until it's YOU.

actually you have been flaming me throughout this thread.. but i havent said anything about it because i am not that petty.

but since you mentioned it.....

i DONT get flamed because i dont usually put myself in a position in which i CAN get flamed. i dont have time for it.
if i dont agree with someones post, or think someones idea will not work, i do one of two things:

1) if the idea can be dangerous or harmful to someone and i am sure that my opinion is needed and warranted, i will give it in a manner that does not detract or attack the persons personal views, feelings, or beliefs.


2) .. i click back and look through the other 1500 posts that were made that day for something more interesting.

i suggest for your continued enjoyment of this site you do the same.

if you will notice, i never personally attacked you either.. now did i.
obviously arguing this point is not helping your case. so i ask you again:

please let it go. :tired: