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Default Raptor 30 setup in flight sim

I am using a JR XF622 computer radio to fly the standard raptor on AFP. Normal flight mode works fine.

What I need help with is properly setting up the throttle hold for autos. When the throttle hold switch is activated, my throttle does indeed go to idle (I have it programmed in the radio to 5%). But I have NO control over the collective. Switching back to normal flight mode, the collective works again.

In the Expert Controls panel, here is my setup:

Collective: Ch. 1 (throttle stick)
Cyclic: Ch. 3 (elevator)
Roll: Ch. 2 (aileron)
Tailrotor: Ch. 4 (rudder)

line 1: Ch. 1
line 2: Ch. 6 (throttle hold switch)
line 3: not assigned ???

As I understand it, these 3 lines all go to engine/autorotation? What am I missing here?

Thanks for the help!