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Default Should this have been included in the Super 8?

"Flying Cat",
Respectfully, a first time buyer whoh is not familiar with the radio who expects a complete package should purchase a complete radio system as it is shipped from the manufacturer -- with module, receiver, servos, switch, battery pack...so that they are sure they received everything intended.

However, if you purchase "transmitter only", that really IS a TX only -- the 9Z is sold this way through us here in the US -- no module, no receiver, no servos, etc -- it is for those modelers who do know what they are buying and have everything else they need to go with it.

Assuming he purchased it used such as here or ebay, if the ad did not state "ch xx includes module' then it would be perfectly normal for it to have been sold minus the module.

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Originally posted by Flying Cat
A first time buyer of a Futaba Super 8 transmitter, myself included, are not aware that there is a separate Tx module that goes on the back of the radio. Hence, it is implicit that the radio should come with the Tx module.

You should definetly contact the seller and ask for the Tx module.

Good luck.