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Default RE: Lanier Dominator 500-building hints?

I have considered building it with the standard tail. It's simpler to get the incidence right, at least for me it is.

I don't know squat about drag and flying characteristics between the V-tail or the standard. I've got a Vipor 500 GP, with V-tail. It's a Pain in the @$$ to get it airborne and flying. Ground steering sucks; it has none.

Maybe the standard tail on the Dominator would be easier on the ground.

Should I wrap CF around the OUTSIDE of the FW? Or just add CF in the corners on the INSIDE?

I have some CF tape thats 3/8" wide. I could start on the fuse side and run it up and around the FW and then back down the other side of the fuse. Maybe finish it with some thinned epoxy.