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Default seagull models

Hi There everyone. My name is Kirk, and I live in Canada. I am fairly new to this wonderfull sport, I taught myself to fly 2 years ago and haven't stopped, I love it and am sure it will be a lifetime interest. Recently, I decided to buy my first ARF, and being very passionate about the warbirds, I decided on a corsair F4U. I worked avidly, every spare moment, but seemed to run into trouble at every turn. After showing my kit to a local oldtimer of the sport he assured me that the troubles i was having were not the fault of my own, it was however of the inferior kit I had selected. Seagull Models apparently is not a top rated Arf in the small circle of flyers in my area, and no longer with me. I just wish to let others know before they spend there hard earned cash that this company spends there time on the detail on the box, but not in it. The small amount of instructions included black and white poorly lit photographs which were of the easier placements, and left the more difficult procedures with less than a paragraph of instruction. I thought it was my lack of experience and know how that made this difficult but as I was shown, It is true, you get what you pay for, and although this kit was almost as much as the rest, respected brands will save the heartache of countless hours toward failure.

I hope this helps anyone who may be looking for a new arf, Seagull Models is not a good choice at all. Thanks guys.