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Default RE: Hanger-9 Corsair ARF Mods for more Scale/ Accurate Appearance

US185Damiani is absolutely right, I was mistaken and have corrected it. The F4U-5 models had twin chin scoops, rather than the single one as used on the F4U-4 series.

Thanks Richard, for posting your pictures here. It goes to show how unique and scale looking these ARFs can be with just a little work, and this is what I really like to see. Again: I really like what you have done with yours, and I'm sure it will grab a lot of attention at any and all flying sites you take it to, and those of us that know our Corsairs will really appreaciate the scale theme on it.

I have done some mods already, removed all covering, decided to use a different set of retracts, determined projected weights, etc. and will be adding posts concerning this within the next week. In the mean time, this particular post will be turned into a 'table of content': I will update this one as I add posts and list the specific mods according to post number.

One more thing before concluding this post: Hanger 9 advertises that this plane will weigh 7 1/2 ~ 8 1/2 lbs, which seems remarkable since I have yet to see a slightly smaller Top Flite Corsair (62" span) that weighs less than 8 1/2 lbs when equipped with retracts. I have weighed every component ( I have accurate digital scales), added up what radio gear, engine, and prop would weigh, and have determined that this can inded be built into a 7 1/2 lb Corsair, straight out of the box, if you choose appropriate engine and radio gear. I will be providing detailed weights in a later post.