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Default RE: Subaru Impreza WRC 1/10 Bycmo

Hi Frailcow,

Thanks for your responce, you are sure right about one thing this sure is an expensive way to build a model ! but I did not know a lot about modeling when I started, the battery and charger have to be purchaced separatly and I am beginging to worry about if the transmitter is included as there are only eleven issues to go and at the rate the parts have been comming I just can't see it, however I think that the receiver is included.

Yes the total out lay less battery and charger is £225 thats stirling [British] so I reckon the term rip off comes to mind, but there you are no one forced me into it, all I can say is that if anyone out there is silly enough to think about building a car in this way is forget it !

But hey having said all that I am realy into model cars now and am saving up hard for a nitro model.

Best wishes ,