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Default RE: Subaru Impreza WRC 1/10 Bycmo

im also building the bycmo subaru impreza from deagostini

as far as i know the servos and the receiver all come ready assembled, but the transmitter you build your self.

you do get the battery and charger in special issues which cost more than the normal issues, but i wont bother with the charger id just get a peak charger and a new battery cos the one supplied dosent last that long for 12-14 hours charging

it is a bit of a rip off but im a beginer and cant afford £100-£200 in one go and the books are good and tell you good information to get you started and gives you experience when your building it.

ps i got a spair motor by complaining about the packaging because the screws got in side the motor but i got them out, and they sent me a new because they dont read there emails properly