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Default RE: seagull models

Of course anyone can say anything they want here in "User Product Reviews". But the benefit of this forum is that no one post is the definitive answer to the quality of a particular product. What we all should look for is not only the MAJORITY of "reviews" leaning one way or another, but also for specificity of each review, good or bad. For example, I for one will NOT be shopping for any Magnum engines anytime soon based on the thread concerning that product.

With that said, I'll add to the mix by saying that I bought the Razzle 3D by Seagull and am very impressed with it. It's the only ARF so far that I have decided to actually use all of the hardware that came with it. It's a very complete ARF kit, builds fast and flys well. Additionally, the quality of construction is the best I've seen among the other ARF kits I've bought (admittedly, I haven't bought every one of the others available, but this is the best yet). The covering job is excellent, and considering that all ARFS come wrinkled, it needed very little touching up with an iron to tighten it up. I put an OS61FX on it so it's not powered quite enough to make it a true "3D" aircraft, but a .91 would be the trick if you're into that kind of flying (which I'm not).

Other guys at my flying club have had similar experiences with the Seagull Spacewalker as well as others of the Seagull line.