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Default RE: Reponse from Sierra

ORIGINAL: Robinaire

Hi Voyager; Will be happy to send pics WHEN I have something worthwhile. Right now I'm sandwiching a bit of design time and playing with some parts among all the other stuff I have going. I think yhat within a few weeks I may be able to put together a functioning prototype. I can promise nothing at this time, but some of the things I have found are encouraging. The technique is a bit unique, but I think it can work. Lee

I'm sure you will Lee. I just wanted to "plant the pic bug" in your ear. What I was trying to suggest was I'm sure a lot of folks here would like to see the how-to's of this type of construction. We have lots of plane constructions threads. Thought it would be kinda neat to a have a "gear construction" thread (as long as it doesn't harm your rights as far as getting a patent for your product).

We are all hoping you can make this happen (and we'd like to see your construction).