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Default NEGATIVE FEEDBACK: Northeast Sailplane Products

As of today, Apr 4,2010, this thread was pruned of all posts other than those from folks that are describing direct order dealings with NSP.

Due to the obviously contentious nature of this thread no other posts will be allowed. Any such posts will be deleted out of hand.

However posts about actual dealings with NSP be they positive or negative are welcome.

I'd first like to say that I apologize for any negative vibe this post sends out. I'm just very unhappy with the service I've received from NE Sail and wanted to give a warning out to everyone else so they can save their time & money and shop elsewhere.

I am new to the hobby and someone recommended the Defiant from NE Sail as a good starter sailplane. From my research, the Defiant was only available from NE Sail. Upon going to their site, I had a few questions about the plane and a radio combo that I wanted that weren't answered on the web site. This was my first minor concern...for example, they had a Hitec Focus 3 SS radio but it was not clear at all whether it was AM or FM, had the Nicads/charger, etc. Anyhow, I called them 2-3 times before placing my order and received a luke-warm response from them all times except once...they were often unhelpful and even after I mentioned I was new to sailplanes they continued to use language I didn't fully understand.

When I finally placed the order on 7/13 or 7/14, I was told it was currently out of stock but would be in stock in a couple of days and then would ship a day or two later. Yesterday, 7/21, I called to check if the order had shipped. I was told that it hadn't shipped because the kits weren't complete and that their supplier in the Czech Republic was on vacation for 2 weeks and that's how long it would take to receive the required parts for the kit...so I'd have to wait till after that time for the plane to ship.

Seeing that I'd rather not wait I decided to cancel my order, so I called back today (7/22) to cancel. The guy I talked to this time remembered my name from calls I had made before I placed my order. He clarified the situation about the parts issue and said that actually some kits had shipped but mine hadn't because my credit card had failed authorization.

This is the part where I really realized I had been wasting my time.

I asked him if they planned on calling me to let me know that my card number had been incorrect so that I could update it and get my items shipped. He said, (and I quote almost exactly), "It is the customer's responsibility to give us a valid card number.". I thought it was a joke. They even read the card number back to me when I originally placed the order and it was correct. Anyhow, I said, "How am I supposed to know I gave you an invalid number if you never let me know?". He repeated again, "It's the customer's responsibility".

Anyhow, in summary I guess they aren't very interested in revenue.

If the Defiant were available elsewhere I would have never bought anything from NE Sail - and I never will buy from them again. There are plenty of other stores online and otherwise that are happy to give me good service and that have reasonable prices. I see no reason to waste my time or money with NE Sail.

I can assure you I'm a very level-headed person and rarely enter posts like this...but I really feel like if I don't say something then other people will waste their time as well. It could very-well be that the company is great but their customer service/sales reps have issues, I'm not sure. But seeing that they are the 'face' to all customers over the web & phone, that's all I'm concerned with and I think it reflects negatively on their whole company.

I'm open to any feedback regarding this post.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,