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Default RE: NEGATIVE FEEDBACK: Northeast Sailplane Products

Interesting timing on your post. My list of complaints goes back to 1990 with that company. I, too, am not unreasonable and I feel I am pretty levelheaded but....

Back in '90 I sent them a set of cores with all necessary parts to sheet these wings. When I received them I opened the box to find the sheeting already loose all over the wings, cuts made way off angle, joiner rods totally off angle and so on. When I sent a detailed list of the problems, along with photos and diagrams I received no response. I called and the only response I got from Sal was that since I live in Florida, the humidity had made the resin de-bond from the foam. Think about that. First the wings had just come from Vermont and I opened them immediatley. Secondly, I stated to Sal that if humidity would make F/G resin de-bond from foam then I personally knew of at least $15,000,000.00 worth of boats here in town that should be on the bottom of the gulf! This was also a bit of an insult since I have done fiberglass work most of my life, had stated as such to Sal and had sent him the wings to do only because of building time constraints.

Second time, I called and discussed a motor and ESC for a project I was building, thinking I would give them a second chance since quite a while had passed. I ordered exactly what he suggested, got the shipment and the ESC was not compatible with the motor. When I called, I even asked if I could get a refund if I paid the return shipping. He basically laughed at me.

A few weeks ago I began searching for a new TD plane to buy. He had several that fit my specs but every time I sent an Email I received a "not in stock" reply also stating that most good models were always sold out during the summer months. Later, I received an Email suggesting another plane that I had not considered and that if I called they would offer it to me at a "great price". I decided I would order it, if the price was fair, so I called and got a lady on the phone that said that no one was available but took my phone number and promised that someone would return my call. I waited a couple of days and then sent an Email outlining all of the problems I had with NSP in the past, that I was a serious customer with the money to spend and if they would please call or message me I would send payment immediately. No response. Period.

I tried very hard to look at the whole experience from both perspectives and attempted to give them every opportunity to do business with me. I have been in business for myself also and am aware of the difficulties of running a business. However, NSP is off of my list forever. They apparently pick and choose when they feel like selling something. It is a shame that they are this way as they do have an interesting selection of planes and accessories and even have the market cornered on certain kits that I would be interested in. I travel often to contests and aerotow meets throughout the Southeast and in casual conversation with a wide variety of flyers have come to the realization that my feelings about NSP are widespread. I have several friends locally that dealt with NSP once. And I do mean "once".

For the record, I shopped around and found a kit that not only fit my expectations but the price was much better and the service with this company was first rate. I have dealt with dozens of R/C related companies in my years of flying and have NEVER had the problems with any of them that I have NSP.