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Default 7C / TME Simple Smoke Pump

I just bought a new Simple Smoke Pump II by TME and can not get it to work. I'm using a Futaba 7CAP radio and have it plugged into channel 5. The 4.7V 600 battery is charged and fine. I have channel 5 set up on switch A. When I flip the switch nothing happens. I unplugged the pump and plugged in a servo on chanel 5. When I flip switch A the servo works fine. Any suggestions on how I can test the pump another way or maybe I do not have the radio or a setting right???? I tried reversing channel 5 and got the same results, the servo works but the pump doesn't. We have an air show coming up at our club and don't have time to send it back. Any help would be great!!! Hard to believe I may have got a brand new bad pump. Thanks, Chris.