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Default RE: NEGATIVE FEEDBACK: Northeast Sailplane Products

Hello Guys, I'm having some trouble getting my money returned from another Co. who didn't deliver the product ordered . . . I've been after this guy for TWO yrs. for christ's sake. After reading the 'fine' NES reviews here I've sent him another (#22) e-mail offering him one more chance to 'square-up' with me or I'm going to treat his business to a simular 'fine' review as those I've seen on this thread. Geez, it's only $30 . . .
Gave him till' the 7th to pay or I start writing... we'll see what his respose is, either way I'll let you guys know. As I ordered his product after reading about it in a piece in RCM I also mentioned to him how I may contact them as I think they'd also like to hear about it. Maybe by my taking such action I'll get my money.
Rick K